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Recreational activity

Hiking in Gheorgheni

operating months
zone Transylvania
Gheorgheni - Red Lake
departure departure on request
departure time -
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Min. persons 1
Max. persons 25
Recreational activityrecommended for
  • for social people
  • for families
  • for active people
  • for nature lovers
Recreational activityweather conditions
  • sunny day
Recreational activitymeans of transport
  • walking
Recreational activitylanguage(s) spoken
  • English
  • magyar
  • română
difficulty level: easy
1 day
price from
+40 (0)749 066 008
ID nr. 196
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Overview - Hiking in Gheorgheni

In the Hăşmaş Mountains and the Girugeului Mountains dozens of marked trails await hikers. The trails are very different in terms of length and difficulty, it is possible to do a few hour tour or a several day excursions, in all periods of the year.

The scenery springtime is dressed in green, often in mesmerizing nuances, but it is also rainy, snowfall is not uncommon, especially at higher peaks.

Summer is most appropriate season to plan trips, when the landscape is covered with flowers are fewer rain days are warmer, but in mountain storms can occur at any time.

You can also go on a trip are given during warm autumn. The depression is often foggy, but the peaks and ridges of the mountains are immersed in sunlight. During this period the air is very clean, from the highest peaks we have a view stretching a hundred kms away. In daytime the temperature is usually warm, but gets cool at night, and the days may begin with a thick layer of frosty fog.

During winter the landscape is elegantly cold and white, usually mountains are covered with a thick blanket of snow. Most marked tourist trails are not accessible due to snowfall. Other trails are only accessible by rocket or skis. When planning to go hiking is good to keep in mind that the days are short and the weather might turn bad, you have to prepare appropriate attire, because they are frequent blizzards and strong winds. In the case of longer hikes, it is  good to inform and Rescue Service in advance.

There are several maps about the neoghboring mountains, the most useful are those published by Dimap.

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